Claiming Your Google Places Profile

Google Places is a powerful social network that is slowly becoming one of the top sites on the net. Claiming your Google Places profile will enable you to access more and more new opportunities to gain search engine traffic, more visibility, and bigger opportunities online to be more visible to other customers online.

Server Backup in San Diego

Server Backups are Good Business Sense!

The technology your company runs on deserves your protection. Why not invest in improving that protection? Your servers are some of the most expensive equipment within your company. Maintaining and upgrading them should be a priority for every employer, but even more importantly, you want to protect against a sudden crash, a hacker intrusion, or a severe power failure.

San Diego Computer Consultants

San Diego computer consultants are professionals who provide technical help to computer users. The term “computer consultant” is very broad. Computer consultants can have knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas, including computer software, hardware, repair and installation.

San Diego Computer Consulting

In a huge metropolitan areas such as San Diego, your business cannot afford to fall short in its technology. One bottleneck or an unexpected 404 screen can divert your customer base into the waiting arms of a competitor before you know it. In order to avoid this type of disappointment, you should entrust your IT management to a reputable company that can watch it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

IT Services in San Diego

It can be extremely difficult to align your IT portfolio with the priorities of your business, especially if your company is growing. Our company can help you determine the best IT infrastructure for your unique purpose. With IT performance mechanisms that are based on service priorities, you will be able to direct your customer facing applications and implements more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Business Phones in San Diego

Are you a new business or an established company with an antiquated phone system?  We work with businesses like yours to get the perfect phone system with the robust features that come with today's VoIP technology.  The VoIP of today is not like it used to be with robotic sounds and choppy reception.

San Diego Data Backup

Is your business safe if there was a fire or a flood at your facility in terms of data loss? Think for a moment, if every document in the filing cabinet were burned or missing, would there be issues?  Would you know who still owed you money?  Would you have your customer database?  Would you be able to survive as a business?

The sad part is most businesses don't last.

IT Support in San Diego

IT Support can be a huge challenge for your company in San Diego.  Some of the common issues we see when a company tries the DIY approach to IT Support are the following:

If the IT person quits, retires or gets really sick, the whole operation grinds to a halt.

Computer Maintenance in San Diego

If you have a business with 10+ computers that you have to take care of, you know how it feels to get those dreaded bills for replacements and repairs.  Windward doesn't work that way.  We understand computers and how to get them to last.  We build out systems that require very small incremental revenue to upgrade.