Need Cabling? We Can Help!

When you are moving into a new building or opening a new business here in San Diego, there is generally a need for network cabling to be done.  Windward can help you with this need as we have expert technicians who can do business network cabling.

We will work with you to develop a scope of work and look at the layout of your building.

San Diego Cloud Computing

The Advantages of San Diego Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is a type of distributed computing. This type of computing is designed to provide customers network access to a pool of computing resources that is shared. The computing resources that are provided by San Diego cloud computing can include storage, servers, networks and applications.

San Diego Computer Repairs

Do you need your computer repaired? Having a computer that's broken on the outside is easy to fix, but the hardware being broken can be troublesome. An IT company to look through your computer will save you stress of having to buy another computer.

Why You Must Get Your Computer Checked

Going to a professional computer repair company is required because your computer may have a specific hardware or wiring problem.

San Diego Virtualization Experts

Virtualization and How it Can Help Your Business
Virtualization is a process that allows server hardware and software to be separated by a layer of abstraction. One server, for example, can run several virtual computers or virtual private servers simultaneously.

Managed IT in San Diego

Managed IT in San Diego offers advantages in optimization for companies as they utilize their preferred solutions and applications. How resources are used and processes are supported in a cloud solution relies heavily on the concept of optimization.

Optimization benefits organization

Cloud solutions offer a distinct advantage for a business.

Claiming Your Google Places Profile

Google Places is a powerful social network that is slowly becoming one of the top sites on the net. Claiming your Google Places profile will enable you to access more and more new opportunities to gain search engine traffic, more visibility, and bigger opportunities online to be more visible to other customers online.

Server Backup in San Diego

Server Backups are Good Business Sense!

The technology your company runs on deserves your protection. Why not invest in improving that protection? Your servers are some of the most expensive equipment within your company. Maintaining and upgrading them should be a priority for every employer, but even more importantly, you want to protect against a sudden crash, a hacker intrusion, or a severe power failure.

San Diego Computer Consultants

San Diego computer consultants are professionals who provide technical help to computer users. The term “computer consultant” is very broad. Computer consultants can have knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas, including computer software, hardware, repair and installation.

San Diego Computer Consulting

In a huge metropolitan areas such as San Diego, your business cannot afford to fall short in its technology. One bottleneck or an unexpected 404 screen can divert your customer base into the waiting arms of a competitor before you know it. In order to avoid this type of disappointment, you should entrust your IT management to a reputable company that can watch it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.