Certain employees in your San Diego organization will need to have access to sensitive data information regarding your company and its customers. It is important to take measures to limit exposure to data breaches by employees with access to this information and from those who should not have access. User accounts should most certainly be password protected, and there should be a requirement to change the password after a period of time. Employees should be educated about the importance of protecting vital information and not allowing unauthorized users the ability to access the information.

When an employee is terminated or resigns their position, it is vital that the company have protocol in place to revoke access to this private company and customer information. Upon termination, senior staff should perform an analysis of what information the employee had access to, and all usernames and passwords for that employee should be immediately disabled so that the employee no longer has access.

In addition, the company should perform a review of user accounts routinely to be sure that no employee who has been terminated or resigned has been missed with regards to disabling data access.

By establishing procedures to take access away from employees the minute there is a termination, or even before if possible, the sensitive data protected by the company will have a much less chance of being compromised by the employee.

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