Train Your Users on IT Security

Train Your Users on IT Security
Technology offers businesses increased productivity, mobility, and ROI at a smaller expense. But as useful as modern devices and innovations such as smartphones and cloud computing can be for small companies, they also present security concerns that shouldn't be ignored or overlooked.

San Diego Data Recovery

San Diego Data Recovery
It's no doubt that data is at the heart of a company, so it's more than imperative to keep it protected. For the protection of your company's data, you should implement a reliable, robust plan for data backup and recovery. Data backup can keep your data secured through tough and sometimes catastrophic situations such as user data loss, failures with hardware, and database errors or corruption.

San Diego IT Consulting, Even for New Businesses

IT Consulting for a Business Start-Up
If you’re a business start-up chances are expenses are a determining factor in almost any decision you make. Outsourcing certain jobs such as hiring a driver to deliver new furniture to the office or hiring a cleaning company to keep the building looking professional for new clients are common choices entrepreneurs make because there are many components to running a successful business.

Computer IT Services in San Diego

Computer IT Services
A Dependable Source for Your Technology Needs

Whether you have a business that revolves around financial dealings, retail or restaurants, you have to deal with technology issues on a daily basis. Even medical and education institutions have to work with technology, such as computers.

San Diego Data Backup

You never know when disaster is going to strike. There could be a natural disaster or human error that will bring your business to a screeching halt while you scramble to try and save or recover whatever you can. You don’t have to stress about that possibility when you have a reliable data backup and recovery plan in place with an IT management services company like Entrust, one that will keep you from losing your data permanently.

Farming Out Your IT Department Can Be Easy

Smart Businesses Hire Managed IT Services
There are a number of key reasons why a business owner wants to have the best IT workers at their disposal. When you own a business, it’s your baby. You want the best for it just like a parent wants the best for their child.

Beware Of Fake “Fax” Emails

Microsoft Outlook and email users should be aware that there are many phishing email scams.  In these emails the perpetrators attempt to fool you into clicking a link or an attachment that will lead you to possibly infecting your computer with malicious software such as a virus or malware.