Beware Of Fake “Fax” Emails

Microsoft Outlook and email users should be aware that there are many phishing email scams.  In these emails the perpetrators attempt to fool you into clicking a link or an attachment that will lead you to possibly infecting your computer with malicious software such as a virus or malware.

Why Small Businesses Should Outsource Their Computer IT Support

Why Small Businesses Should Outsource Their Computer IT Support

With the growth of a business comes the need for the growth of resources too. New tools and solutions are all necessary to lead a successful business. Similarly, in a world where most businesses rely heavily on technology and computers, their use grows too in order to increase a business’s productivity and operation.

Android 5 Lollipop For Business Users

New Security Features For Business of Android 5 Lollipop

Android has reached version 5.0, suggestively named Lollipop as the previous patterns, offering an improvement experience for individual users, as well as businesses. The sweetness of the recent Android consists in a major expansion of interactivity between the smart devices that an user implies daily, fluid experience, as well as a manageable power usage.

Why IT Managed Services is the Way of the Future

Embrace the Concept of Managed IT Services
Each day, there are more companies who are embracing the idea that surrounds managed IT services, but many companies still don’t know what managed IT services encompasses. As a company leader, you want to make sure that providers aren’t just using the term as a tool for marketing.

How To Secure Your Office Computer Network

A quick scan through online news is enough to send small business owners into panic attacks.  It seems there is a hack, theft or virus running amok any given week. If your business isn’t large enough to have internal IT support, how do you protect your assets from attack? What happens if someone tries breaks into your database and steal customer information? Will your network come to a halt if a virus takes up residence on a server? How do you handle these problems if you aren’t tech savvy?

The answer to those questions is to contact Windward Technology.

Microsoft Windows 10 Set To Replace Windows 8


Windows 10 is almost here!  Who is excited for this one?  Microsoft is hoping that the adoption of Windows 10 is much better than the lonely Windows 8.  Most businesses have completely skipped the migration to Windows 8 and decided to keep the more reliable and stable Windows 7 operating system.

Using an Outside IT Consultant to Help Your Business

IT Assistance Can Boost Your Business
A lot of modern business has to do with technology. Web, email and phone communication gives current and potential customers the ability to boost your business. But there is one problem. Not very many businesses use enough of their work time to improve their technology infrastructures.

Did You Know Most IT Disasters Are Human Error Disasters?

Why San Diego businesses MUST protect against IT Disasters: Human Error


In the IT world you often times hear talk of protecting you company data against disasters or having a disaster recovery plan in place.  We often times get the question - "How likely is it here in Southern California that we would need disaster recovery?" We don't have tornadoes nor hurricanes which seems to cause many of the disasters across the US.  However the majority of disasters in the IT and data loss world are not Natural Disasters but rather Human Error Disasters.