Beware Of Fake “Fax” Emails

Microsoft Outlook and email users should be aware that there are many phishing email scams.  In these emails the perpetrators attempt to fool you into clicking a link or an attachment that will lead you to possibly infecting your computer with malicious software such as a virus or malware.

Outsource Your San Diego IT

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Functions
Outsourcing some or all IT functions to a third-party vendor is a cost-saving solution for many companies. These vendors can provide infrastructure, software, data storage and document handling services. This relationship will enable your company to reduce the time, money and other resources devoted to managing an in-house IT department.

Computer and Network Security Tip 3 – Restrict Remote Access to Essential People Only

Your computer configuration could leave you wide open for someone to gain access to your system. In many cases, there are portals that are open in your firewall that can allow someone to remote into your computer and take any information they like. This can often happen during point-of-sale transactions where your computer system hooks up to a third-party vendor for processing.

San Diego Managed IT Services

Are you the owner of your company?  With IT Services from Windward, you can have your own team of technical experts working on your computer issues at a cost lower than it costs to hire a dedicated professional.  With the power of a team, you will discover what we know - there is a lot more IT information in 5 to 10 professionals than in 1 person trying to know everything.

Managed IT in San Diego

Do you have an IT Staff?  Have you ever wondered if there was a way to have someone else take care of your IT rather than an internal team you have to pay a big salary and benefits to?

You can Outsource your IT here in San Diego!

With Windward, you will find an IT supplier that won't need to work full time on your site because we invest 10's of thousands of dollars into tools which help us determine when a problem is coming, even if you don't know it.