Did You Know Most IT Disasters Are Human Error Disasters?

Why San Diego businesses MUST protect against IT Disasters: Human Error


In the IT world you often times hear talk of protecting you company data against disasters or having a disaster recovery plan in place.  We often times get the question - "How likely is it here in Southern California that we would need disaster recovery?" We don't have tornadoes nor hurricanes which seems to cause many of the disasters across the US.  However the majority of disasters in the IT and data loss world are not Natural Disasters but rather Human Error Disasters.

Make Sure to Update Your Microsoft Small Business Server

Businesses in San Diego that are running Microsoft Windows SBS Servers should make note of a very major security hole in the system’s credential verification  process.

Microsoft released a crucial security update on Tuesday that will supposedly plug a hole that allows attackers to elevate their own user credential to the status of administrator, and from there they’ll have virtually unlimited access to systems that are hooked up to the local area network.

Computer and Network Security Tip 3 – Restrict Remote Access to Essential People Only

Your computer configuration could leave you wide open for someone to gain access to your system. In many cases, there are portals that are open in your firewall that can allow someone to remote into your computer and take any information they like. This can often happen during point-of-sale transactions where your computer system hooks up to a third-party vendor for processing.

Managed IT in San Diego

Managed IT in San Diego offers advantages in optimization for companies as they utilize their preferred solutions and applications. How resources are used and processes are supported in a cloud solution relies heavily on the concept of optimization.

IT Services in San Diego

It can be extremely difficult to align your IT portfolio with the priorities of your business, especially if your company is growing. Our company can help you determine the best IT infrastructure for your unique purpose. With IT performance mechanisms that are based on service priorities, you will be able to direct your customer facing applications and implements more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

IT Support in San Diego

IT Support can be a huge challenge for your company in San Diego.  Some of the common issues we see when a company tries the DIY approach to IT Support are the following:

If the IT person quits, retires or gets really sick, the whole operation grinds to a halt.

San Diego Managed IT Services

Are you the owner of your company?  With IT Services from Windward, you can have your own team of technical experts working on your computer issues at a cost lower than it costs to hire a dedicated professional.  With the power of a team, you will discover what we know - there is a lot more IT information in 5 to 10 professionals than in 1 person trying to know everything.