Southwest Airlines’ recent fiasco that caused them to cancel over 16,700 flights, leaving people stranded across America, was the epitome of what’s happening with so many businesses right now across the US. A total and complete meltdown in service due to cheapness.

Computer Security: Beware of Computer Repair Scams

Computer Security: Beware of Computer Repair Scams
Computer repair scammers are calling into local businesses and stealing money and deleting company data.  Let's go over some tips on how to avoid being scammed.  Although this method has been around for years we have seen a rise in this activity locally over the past month and is detailed in this news report on ABC.

First, these thieves call into your office and claim to be from Microsoft, Windows, anti-virus vendor, copier company, or even try to pose as your own tech support team.

San Diego IT Consulting, Even for New Businesses

IT Consulting for a Business Start-Up
If you’re a business start-up chances are expenses are a determining factor in almost any decision you make. Outsourcing certain jobs such as hiring a driver to deliver new furniture to the office or hiring a cleaning company to keep the building looking professional for new clients are common choices entrepreneurs make because there are many components to running a successful business.

Computer IT Services in San Diego

Computer IT Services
A Dependable Source for Your Technology Needs

Whether you have a business that revolves around financial dealings, retail or restaurants, you have to deal with technology issues on a daily basis. Even medical and education institutions have to work with technology, such as computers.

Farming Out Your IT Department Can Be Easy

Smart Businesses Hire Managed IT Services
There are a number of key reasons why a business owner wants to have the best IT workers at their disposal. When you own a business, it’s your baby. You want the best for it just like a parent wants the best for their child.