Computer Maintenance in San Diego

If you have a business with 10+ computers that you have to take care of, you know how it feels to get those dreaded bills for replacements and repairs.  Windward doesn't work that way.  We understand computers and how to get them to last.  We build out systems that require very small incremental revenue to upgrade.

San Diego Managed IT Services

Are you the owner of your company?  With IT Services from Windward, you can have your own team of technical experts working on your computer issues at a cost lower than it costs to hire a dedicated professional.  With the power of a team, you will discover what we know - there is a lot more IT information in 5 to 10 professionals than in 1 person trying to know everything.

San Diego Server Management

Do you have a closet in your business full of servers?  Do you get tired of trying to keep them updated on a regular basis?  We work with your company to get you the same benefits you enjoyed when the servers were onsite, but our colocation services will give you:

24 x 7 availability, no matter where you are at
Support which allows you to call and get help
Optimization and management of the servers
Updates on the servers
Anti-virus management on the servers
SQL support
Even more server maintenance benefits!

Give the professionals a call here in San Diego and ask about our colocation services here in Denver.