Claiming Your Google Places Profile

Google Places is a powerful social network that is slowly becoming one of the top sites on the net. Claiming your Google Places profile will enable you to access more and more new opportunities to gain search engine traffic, more visibility, and bigger opportunities online to be more visible to other customers online.

First, you need to go to Google Places and navigate through the homepage. Click on Get Started that is located right under the "Getting your business found on Google." When click on this, you need to login with a Google account. Look for your business, and since they work like a phone directory, they need a phone number. Once you have found a basic profile of your business, you need to add in all of your information.

Everything from your hours to the schedule of your business, you need to let your clients know on this listing. This makes it easy on you and your customers. Your Google Places profile is the place to be if you want to market to a whole new set of people on the Internet. The more visibility you try to gain, the more success you'll achieve online. Use Google Places for added customer visibility.

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