Computer and Network Security Tip 4 – Partition Data and Computers

There is the old saying of divide and conquer, and there are plenty of malicious individuals and organizations out there that will use that strategy to gain access to a company’s data. Such data intrusion techniques will attack the computers in a company’s network in order to search for a path into the network itself. Essentially, this means that a single computer could prove to be a stepping stone for people with dire intentions to access the company’s data.
Though there are numerous ways to be proactive in preventing data intrusion, the idea of being able to monitor every single workplace is bordering on the impossible. For example, every program on every computer would need to be checked and, preferably, double checked for updates.

Programs like Java may not be disabled on every desktop, and they may be providing a paved pathway for a hacker to get their hands on the company data. While the workplace can be vigilant in keeping all their computers secure, there is another method that can limit the harm of a data intrusion through a single device.
Basically what the company needs to do is to ‘bubble’ individual computers and networks to severely limit the amount of damage that can be done. This is called network segmenting. When a hacker gains access through a vulnerability in one of the computers they will be unable to go any further. Imagine it as a thief sticking his foot into a doorway to only have the door slammed shut!

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