San Diego Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is the process of resuming business operations after a disruptive event such as an earthquake, major storm and the loss of a key individual as well as a severe network interruption caused by malware. Although such an event may seem unlikely, a recovery plan will act as insurance should a calamity occur. The increased reliance on databases, computer networks and other online services creates an increased vulnerability in case of a network or communications outage.

The contingency plan will identify your San Diego area business’s most critical systems and processes. The greater the impact a loss of these systems and processes, the more effort should be expended to restore them as quickly as possible. This may include installing redundant equipment and backup files in a second location as well as considering the advantages of cloud computing and managed IT services. The detailed plan should include the steps that employees should take to communicate and accomplish critical tasks while systems come back on line. Test the contingency plan on a regular basis.

With the speed at which technology is changing, there may be a knowledge gap between the time a plan is created and implemented. Utilizing Infrastructure and Software as a Service agreements may minimize this problem while enabling your San Diego business to resume full operations sooner.