San Diego Data Backup

Is your IT Protected?

Is your business safe if there was a fire or a flood at your facility in terms of data loss? Think for a moment, if every document in the filing cabinet were burned or missing, would there be issues?  Would you know who still owed you money?  Would you have your customer database?  Would you be able to survive as a business?

The sad part is most businesses don't last.  There are estimates from industry and insurance companies that show 95% of companies fail within 2 years if there is a catastrophic event at their facility.

The ones who survive, have data backup and continuity plans - for example, they can quickly forward all their phone calls to specific cell phones - they can see what is owed to them by customers, they can see what they paid, they can deal with their taxes, make payroll, and deal with the 1000 other issues that are all wrapped up in data.  This is why you need to have your data backed up and also tested -

What can you do today?

  • Have a company fire drill - see what is vulnerable by acting as if there is a fire.  How do you go about getting the information you need?
  • Have data restored if they are on tape - some estimates say 40% of tapes have defective areas, if that area is critical, it can cause serious issues.
  • Make sure you can access the data you need multiple ways
  • Talk to us, we can look for weaknesses in the chain

Ultimately, your data is critical to your company.  We make it our job to secure that data.  All you need to do is give Windward a call to get a professional to chat with you and make sure that even in the case of calamity, you'd be OK.