Windward for Your San Diego IT Needs

Let Windward of San Diego handle IT while you deal with TCOB

Whether you work in South Bay or on Genesee Avenue in La Jolla or Pacific Beach or North County, these days you must deal with IT issues. No matter how savvy you are with them, IT issues can overload you at the cost of paying attention to your business. Why not Windward handle the thorny underbrush of IT issues while you tend to the flowers? Call us today at (619) 308-6470.

We handle multiple vendor management for you. We handle the nerve-wracking issues of ensuring your file servers and each of your desktop & laptops gets backed up to our storage facility. You don't want to risk a loss of your data, because 95% of business who suffer a major data loss fail within the next two years. Play 1 in 20 odds at Del Mar, but not with your business!

If you've got to make sure your systems stay up and running, we offer Instant Restore Service that can get you up and running within an hour. Whether it's the Blue Screen of Death, viruses or other malware, or the awful sounds of a dying hard drive, we can get you back up again usually in an hour. If it takes longer, you don't pay an onerous hourly fee. Just a flat fee to cover the work.

So call us today at (619) 308-6470 to discuss your needs.