IT Support can be a huge challenge for your company in San Diego. Some of the common issues we see when a company tries the DIY approach to IT Support are the following:

  • If the IT person quits, retires or gets really sick, the whole operation grinds to a halt.
  • The IT person knows about tons of IT Support issues, but isn't an expert on any of them.
  • The IT person can be overwhelmed and not get to requests in a timely manner
  • The IT Support person wants to purchase tools to make their jobs easier, not actually getting everything smoother for everyone in the company
  • The IT Support rep can't listen too carefully when concepts like "managed IT" or "Outsourced IT" are discussed, it would cost them their job.

If you want to work with a company who has more than 1 employee doing tech, so there is backup and who cares about keeping your business running smooth, not buying all the latest gadgets on your dime (we do buy them for ourselves and for all our customers, so costs are split between 30-50 companies, saving you money) - Call Windward to schedule an appointment with an IT Support pro!