IT Consulting for San Diego

When working with an IT consultant in San Diego, it is important to make sure they have experience with a business like yours. Windward Technology has been working with companies for nearly a decade helping to ensure they choose the best IT Services for their company.

With IT Consulting, there are some key factors we consider before we make any suggestions.

  • What is the budget. If the solution we are offering cannot fit into your budget, it is very unlikely you will choose to do it.
  • What is the timeframe – Is this something you are looking to improve immediately, or is it a year down the road?
  • What are the options? Rarely is there only one way to get something done. We look at all the options we have available and then present the best of the bunch to our clients.
  • Are there are political considerations we need to be aware of? If the owner picked the first system and the IT manager wants to swap it, it can prove extremely difficult to get a change. If a phone system cost $70,000 the first time, when we recommend a new site, it may not happen. It is good to know what are the things which will lead to a “no” and is it stuck that way?
  • Ease of implementation – Implementation can vary from site to site. Considering how easy a system or job will be is an important part of the IT equation.

Windward is your IT Consulting company in the San Diego area. Not only do we have highly trained staff, but we also have the tools and experience to help your company into the future with the best technology recommendations available. We work to ensure you can simply and affordably have 24X7 protection and support for all of your computers and servers.

Talk with one of our IT Consulting specialists to learn about all of the services we offer. Some of the more common IT issues we address and fix include:

Please give us a call if you are looking for IT Consulting help in San Diego!