Data Backup and Recovery for San Diego

Why Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are Critical to Your Business

Companies spend years to get to the point where the owner can’t just “remember” where all the files are, or can’t find a quick copy. Once a business migrates past the point of immediate information recall, a robust data backup and recovery system is needed. If your business had a fire or a flood, what would you do? How would you find contracts? How would you remember all the details that were entered into your CRM?

Data backup is critical, and data recovery is obviously just as important. If you save files, but then can’t get the information into a usable format quickly, what is the point?If you lost all the data on your server or your laptop, what are the potential costs? It could cost your whole business! If you have a business worth anything, isn’t it important to protect it? Studies have shown 95% of companies without a data backup system fail within 2 years of a major data disaster. Are you comfortable you are in the 5% of people who can make it?

We offer affordable and effective systems to back up your data and restore that data if there is a catastrophic loss of your data. Our team makes it their job to monitor and maintain a infrastructure which will keep your data safe and your company thriving, even if there is a calamity!

We help ensure the continuity of San Diego businesses through our world class data backup and disaster recovery solutions.