Network Security for San Diego

Having your network locked down from threats both on the inside and the outside is critical for any business. Why is network security critical to any business? All of your data and all of your devices are set up through an interconnected system where one wrong turn can mean whole departments are unable to get work done. The costs of network breaches can be losing valuable data or having work stop completely. Both can grind business to a halt.

If your network isn’t secure and a competitor could drive by, park their car and login, they could theoretically steal all of your data online. Of course most companies are password protected, so the intruder would need more than just a car and a laptop… they would need password access and possibly a username. Given employee loyalty these days, that is not impossible to imagine them getting that. With Windward, we can ensure not only you are protected at a password level, we can make it device level protection ensuring the right device with the right password needs to be used… if the employee happens to lose a company laptop or tablet, we can wipe off all the data remotely or ensure if that device tries to login, they will be denied.

Another internal threat is the non-malicious “trying to help” threat, where an employee who thinks they know networking starts changing settings and soon, nothing works and no one knows what happened. This is quite common, and with Windward helping your business, you can lock people out of important settings to ensure the network always stays strong.

The external security threats to your network generally come in the form of malware, viruses or attempted hacks. Windward uses all of the latest firewalls as well as anti-virus and notification protection to ensure your data stays safe and secure. Your business data is too valuable to risk, Windward helps you protect the data you cannot afford to lose and let’s you know who was accessing what data and when they were accessing that data (helps in cases of employees being terminated and non-compete contract enforcement). We understand technology and we understand your business concerns.

Have you ever had issues with computers getting online or printing or getting into a shared drive? If so, then you have experienced what issues with your network can cause. Network computing issues can grind a company to a halt and be frustrating when the IT Consultant is asking - "Have you turned the computer on and off?"

Finding a partner who proactively manages your network will free you to run your business.

With our network management services in San Diego you will get:

  • 24 X 7 management and alerts of issues
  • Telephone support from someone who speaks your language
  • No geek speak
  • Remote support where we log in and fix issues immediately
  • Patch management
  • Firewall management
  • Patch management
  • License Management
  • Print server setup and management
  • Cloud Setup if desired
  • Colocation services

Call today for a Network Security Assessment where we look for weaknesses and report what we find.