Cloud Computing for San Diego

How Cloud Technology Can Benefit Your Company

Cloud technology can be a beneficial tool for many businesses and organizations. By utilizing the cloud for business processes, it’s possible to cut costs and ensure data security. The following guide explores how cloud technology can be beneficial for a company.

Cloud technology includes all computer-related tasks that are completed through a remote server system. For example, many people are familiar with Gmail, a free email account service offered by Google. When an individual receives an email on his or her Gmail account, that email is stored on a specialized cloud server with redundant backups. Since the email is stored securely on Google’s servers, there’s no need to worry about the loss of important email stored on a Gmail account. In the event of a fire, flood, earthquake or theft, emails stored in the cloud will be secure.

On top of email, cloud services can be used for data backup, online office productivity, remote systems management and more. Companies like Amazon offer cloud data processing servers for companies that need massive amounts of processing capability. For example, many 3D graphics are rendered in cloud processing farms. By utilizing a shared cloud service, companies can reduce their costs and ensure a faster turnaround time for a wide variety of different projects.

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