Server Support for San Diego

Managing servers can be a full time job. Between the patches you have to install, monitoring of security, dealing with the backups, optimizing the speed, often companies pay a full time person just to handle the servers.

What if that could be offloaded to a server management expert at a reduced cost to your company? Someone else, who is a server expert could take care of everything you needed and your IT person could be reallocated to helping users be more efficient in using all that technology you are paying for Windward will fully manage and maintain your server environment.

You will get all the benefits of your servers without all the headaches

  • We have both on-premise and cloud services available.
  • Support – Get the support you need 24/7/365. No more worrying about if your IT person is sick or going on vacation as we always have high level technicians ready to address all issues.
  • Improve the space issues in your office if you move your servers to the cloud in a hosted environment
  • Compliance – Windward can handle compliance needs such as firewalls, HIPAA or SSAE 16 Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 Type II reports on our data centers.
  • Bandwidth – If data speed is a concern, Windward can help you get the bandwidth you need to access your data quickly.
  • Scalability – We can help if it is just one server or a whole server farm.

Call Windward today to discuss how we can help your San Diego company with Server Management.
With your business servers, you need to have uptime all the time. We understand your need to have consistent and reliable access to all of your data. When a server crashes, the whole company can grind to a halt.

With Server Management from Windward, you can have management of your servers at a fixed monthly cost.

Included in the service are items like:

  • Support Anytime - Day or Night
  • Telephone support - Call with questions!
  • Application Support - Need to know how a program works? We can help!
  • Constant Service Availability - We will know you have an issue before you do!
  • Emergency support after hours
  • Hard drive management
  • Patch management
  • Security policy management
  • Anti-Virus management
  • License management
  • SQL Server Admin
  • Account Administation
  • Account Access Rules

Using Windward will allow your servers to run at full efficiency. For companies looking intoColocation, we can help out with that as well.

Call Windward to learn more about our server management programs!