Desktop and Laptop Management for San Diego

Your computers are the lifeblood of your business. Everyone knows that problems happen. Maybe someone gets a virus, maybe a hard drive or a power supply goes out.

These small costs can really eat away at your budget when you are paying full price and paying for emergency turnaround time. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a system set up where important files are backed up and you weren’t dead in the water if something were to crash?

With Windward, we have management programs for your desktop and laptop computers. For a flat monthly rate, your role of being the business owner and the IT director are over.

With Desktop & Laptop Management Services from Windward, you will get:

  • Support, day or night, even on weekends
  • Telephone Support to answer your questions
  • Online support – we take over your computer and fix issues
  • Application support – not sure how to use program features? We can help!
  • Asset management – Have an up to date list of all IT items
  • Anti-virus management – Protect computers automatically
  • Patch management – Reduce security risks
  • Back and recovery – Never be out of luck with a theft or catastrophic damage
  • Unlimited imaging of PC’s and Laptops
  • On-Site Management – We are in San Diego, so we can make it to your office
  • Set up and configuration – Getting new stuff? We’ll help you set it up!

Give Windward a call today to enjoy all of these benefits for your company!