VoIP Phone Systems for San Diego

Save Up to 30% on Your Business Phone Lines While Improving Your Quality

Our hybrid VoIP solution is a very unique opportunity for your San Diego business to save money and improve your phone services. First of all, we like to ask, do you love your phone company? If you do, maybe paying the extra 30% is worth it to you. If you are open to switching it out, our expertise in data and computers makes us a perfect company to help you have a system that integrates with all of your IT as well as functioning with crystal clear clarity. If you are uncertain of the call quality we can offer, give us a call as we use this innovative technology ourselves.

Hybrid VoIP? What is it? Basically what we are doing is taking the best parts of a traditional PBX phone system (call quality) and the best parts of VoIP (flexibility and cost) and combine them into one superpowered phone system.

Here are some of the main benefits of a Hybrid VoIP system:

  • You can share lines across multiple sites. If you have 4 locations with 3 lines ea, it is often possible to cut this to 8 shared lines for the 4 locations. If one site is super busy, customers won’t get a busy signal.
  • Every extension can have a cell phone attached to it so if the whole system were to go down, calls are automatically routed to cell numbers that make sense. If you ever had a traditional phone system go down for a day, you will understand how nice of a feature this is.
  • Set remote phones for people on vacation

Hybrid Voip is a powerful way to save money and improve efficiency for your San Diego business. Give us a call if you would like to chat more about Hybrid VoIP in San Diego or the surrounding area.

When you are using VoIP, you are able to skip traditional phone lines and the high costs, especially for long distance and use your high speed internet connection to complete calls. With improved speed of internet, gone are the days of robotic sounds or calls cutting in and out like was seen from VoIP back 5 to 10 years ago.

  • You don't need to change your number - we can port it over for you
  • Your computer does not have to be on to receive calls, you just need an internet connection.
  • You staff can be here locally in San Diego or around the world
  • Use features like Find Me, Follow Me
  • Have voicemails go directly to your email
  • Have a dedicated fax line which goes to email (can also be ported)
  • Use a desk phone, not required to use a computer headset
  • Use a desk phone, not required to use a computer headset

Give the professionals at Windward a call to discuss what you need to do to migrate away from your expensive phone company to work with a local San Diego trusted business partnertoday!