Virtualization for San Diego

Virtualization – Cut Costs and Improve Efficiency

One of the cool parts about technology is the way things develop over time. One of the technologies every business should consider using is virtualization. Virtualization and cloud computing makes you less dependent on a particular desktop machine, since your data and applications are all ran though the servers.

What are the advantages of virtualizing an office?

  1. Lower costs – virtual terminals are cheaper than computers and are much much faster to load a new user into the system
  2. Faster fixes – If a system totally bombs out, another image can be written and the user back up and running just like they were before in an hour or less in most cases, rather than days.
  3. Lower costs for licensing – Licensing can get expensive, virtual machines are easier to manage license access and purchasing as it is much more exact who is and who is not currently employed

What to Avoid Virtualizing

  • Any system that requires a dongle based device to be attached. Say you are a doctor and an EKG machine needs to hook to a single computer through a serial port, that computer would be a bad computer to try and virtualize.
  • High performing systems – If you have a super intense user – such as graphic design with large files constantly getting updated, a user like this will normally see a decrease in their productivity due to data transfer speed across the network.
  • Mission critical systems – This could be the computer that is attached to the security system or the time clock. If the effect of the system being down for an hour is much worse than it is today (maybe today you can work around the system if it crashed) it would be a bad area to virtualize.

Ultimately, 90% or more of the computers in most environments could be virtualized and people would be more productive. There are limitations, which is why you want a local San Diego IT consulting firm to help you figure out what should and what should not be virtualized.