Managed IT Services for San Diego

IT Support is Managed or it is a Mess!

Your business is probably not about IT support or anything close to it. You do what you do and do it well. You may be an attorney, doctor, accountant or a manufacturing company. Whatever you do for your business, it’s probably not IT. Given your business is successful in focusing on how you serve your clients, does it make sense to focus your energy and efforts trying to keep the computer system going to support your business?

When you have a Managed IT Services Solution – You will see immediate benefits:

  • Your computers will run fast and not have critical errors or viruses in them
  • Your time thinking about computers, servers, emails, printers, and all things tech will be reduced to near zero
  • You will get the best technology (often cheaper than what it costs to support the older technology you may be limping along with today)
  • You will have a customer advocate within Windward who looks out for your interests and makes sure the users can do their work without fearing “looking stupid” if they call the IT guy.
  • Complete technical support for a low negotiated price – no surprise bills with extra hours of labor
  • 24/7/365 IT support available even on weekends and holidays
  • A personal touch – we are your business partners and want you to do well. We know you don’t really care about IT, you just want your business to run smoothly. We can help that happen without making you feel like you have to be a technician to understand us.
  • No geek speak – OK, maybe a little, we can’t help it… but we strive to speak to you in normal English and work hard to help you understand what you need to know and just take care of all that stuff you don’t need to know about.

If you are ready for a new IT Support experience where you are #1 and we work to make sure you are always running and happy, call Windward today!