Your computer configuration could leave you wide open for someone to gain access to your system. In many cases, there are portals that are open in your firewall that can allow someone to remote into your computer and take any information they like. This can often happen during point-of-sale transactions where your computer system hooks up to a third-party vendor for processing.

This is just the time that the hackers want to gain access to your system and the credit card information that you are processing. Plus, the last hundred you processed.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to be sure that your computer is safe from hackers when you go online. The first step in doing this is to make sure that remote access is very limited on all of your devices which see the internet and hold important data. This will allow those gaps in portal security to close and make it more difficult for the hackers to gain access.

Another great way to prevent these intrusions is to limit the time the computer is online. If a computer sits online all day, hackers have more opportunities to find holes in your system. Instruct all employees to close browsers when they are not in use.

You should also set your computer's anti-virus program up to get real-time updates when available. By constantly updating your virus controls, you will stand a better chance of being protected against new threats.