There are a ton of different ways to have your data stolen from you by hackers, and it’s almost impossible to completely safeguard your San Diego system against 100% of attacks, so what do you do then? It’s good to have systems in place that can help mitigate any damages that arise from stolen data, as it is happening with more and more frequency as the years go by and as the hackers become more numerous and better skilled.

One of the greatest ways to protect your data is by encrypting it. Encrypt as much data as you can, as you don’t want a hacker to have any type of access to any of your systems. Encrypted devices won’t necessarily make them immune to theft, but you’ll receive some level of comfort knowing that there’s still an additional hurdle that the hacker has to jump through before he can actually use the data he’s stolen.

Unfortunately, all locks can be broken, and encryption is certainly not a perfect system and can be decrypted when given enough time and computing power. But, it’s very possible that the encryption you’ve placed on your devices makes it too much effort for the hacker to go through the process, so he may decide to move somewhere else. Even if that isn’t the case, then it gives you precious time to prepare the business or its customers and instruct them how to proceed. It’s also a great way to avoid embarrassment and potential law suits.

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