Two factor authentication

The-factor authentication is a process that requires people to go through two steps verify their identity. The popular authentication approach is built around several different factors. There is usually a combination of two of multiple factors. The knowledge, possession and inherence factor are all required can be combined to create a two-step verification process.

What is a two factor authentication?

The process asks the user for more than just a password to gain access to a device, website or account. This enhances security and provides an added level of strength to basic user credentials, which aren’t always complex in nature. Even if a person has a strong password, the person’s information isn’t completely safe.

Why should this be used?

Two-factor authentication is capable of preventing security breaches like phishing attacks. Incidence of identity theft and online fraud are additional concerns this process addresses. In a world where individuals rely on public Internet access temporarily in places like coffee shops or libraries, this security measure can improve security. With a growing number of businesses losing millions in legal fees and lawsuits due to security breaches, it’s no wonder why companies are actively seeking out ways to curb this problem.

Two-step verification has its share of limitations. If one has physical access to the computer, the person can boot the computer in safe mode and bypass the verification process. Still, banking institutions and companies like Google, Facebook and Dropbox still see value in implementing this process.

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