Virus alertWhat is a password?

A password is used to protect a computer, email or other user account. It typically involves a mix of different symbols and characters. Never share a password with anyone.

How to Change Your Password?

Changing your password is a fairly easy process, but it varies from account to account.

Email Account

Log in to your email account by specifying your email address and password. Go to the account settings. Under the password tab, you will find the option to set a new password. Enter your new password in the given box. Re-enter the new password in the next box. To confirm your identity, you may be required to enter your old password once.

Computer Account

From the Windows Control Panel, go to User Accounts. Select the option to change your password.

Keep a Strong Password

Always keep a strong password to protect your account information. Keep lengthy passwords that are seven to ten characters long. Also, use a mix of lower- and upper-case alphabets to create the password. Make use of numbers and symbols will further strengthen your password, making it difficult to breach.

Password Manager

If you are unable to manage your account passwords, you can use a password manager that stores all the password data in a safe, cloud-based server. You can also use the password manager to create strong passwords for your accounts.