Save on Your San Diego Phone bill!

Business Phone Systems

Are you looking for a phone system upgrade for your business? Windward Technology of San Diego offers a great solution for business phone systems. You can save up to 30% while improving the quality of your phone service. If you love your current phone company, maybe paying the extra 30% is worth it to you. But if you're open to making a switch, Windward's expertise in computers, data, and IT makes it the perfect company to offer you a business phone system that integrates all of your IT while functioning with clarity that is crystal clear. The name of the game is hybrid VOIP, and you can find out more about it through this guide.

What exactly is hybrid VoIP? It's a combination of the best parts of a traditional phone system (PBX) and the best parts of VoIP into one super effective phone system. The call quality of a PBX system and the flexibility and cost of VoIP make a powerful combination. The main benefits of hybrid VoIP include:

  • Ability to share lines across multiple sites. For example, if you have 4 locations that hold 3 lines each, it's often possible for you to cut this to 8 shared lines for all four locations. This way, customers won't get a busy signal if one site happens to be super busy.
  • Remote phones available to be set for people on vacation.
  • Every extension can have a cell phone with it so in the event that the whole system goes down, calls are automatically sent to cell phones numbers that actually make sense. If you've ever experienced having a traditional phone system go down, you can understand how great a feature this is.

With VoIP you're able to skip the high costs of traditional phone lines, also while using your high speed internet connection to complete your calls. With a new business phone system solution from Windward, you don't need to change your number. There a numerous benefits you can enjoy such as having voicemails go directly to your email. Give Windward a call to see what you need to do to make a sensible switch to hybrid VoIP.