IT Backup and Disaster Recovery - Is Your Business Protected?

Business IntelligenceIf you are a small business owner, you know that business data is the lifeblood of your operations. While the chances of a major disaster may be remote, equipment failure does happen as the result of events least expected; like a tree falling through the roof, lightning damage, a flood or even theft. However, your business does not have to become a statistics that closed its doors as a result of critical data loss.

IT Disaster Recovery

Successful continuity is critical to business success. Nearly 40 percent of businesses that experience critical data loss due to a disaster fail with five years of the event. A company's survival is contingent on the ability to quickly and successfully replicate its IT systems and data. Downtime is money and business opportunities lost. Your company's bottom line depends on the quality and dependability of its uptime.
Maintaining your data security, as well as your customer's data, is serious business and mandated by federal laws. Your company can be held liable if it fails to protect clients' data from unauthorized access and usage.

The Best Methods for Protecting Data

Every file, bit and block of your data is worth protecting against accidental deletion, corruption, intrusion or total loss. That protection should be accomplished with the most advanced and security protocols and features available today. The best protection will offer built-in data security checks, the highest bit-level encryption, granular backup scheduling and data retention services.

New customers will be added; millions of transactions will be processed, and customers will be billed. In today's uncertain world, the concerns mount daily for reliable security and compliance protocols. Never place your company at risk by failing to do the right thing! "That's how we've always done it" should never be an excuse for business failure.