Human Disaster?

Human Disaster?

Why San Diego businesses MUST protect against IT Disasters: Human Error


In the IT world you often times hear talk of protecting you company data against disasters or having a disaster recovery plan in place. We often times get the question - "How likely is it here in Southern California that we would need disaster recovery?" We don't have tornadoes nor hurricanes which seems to cause many of the disasters across the US. However the majority of disasters in the IT and data loss world are not Natural Disasters but rather Human Error Disasters.

The effect of a Human Error disaster is quiet similar to Natural Disasters such as interrupted business, reduced productivity, which effects profits and loyalty of business partners as well as customers. In San Diego most organizations and businesses are still relying on the undependable and old data backup methods. These outdated data backup and recovery protocols expose them to unnecessary downtime, data loss and risk of data. Our organization offers data protection and other IT support services in San Diego to secure your system and reduce risk of data lose. The support team will manage, backup, restore and monitor data so you know that your data is being watched 24x7 and it is preserved securely.

Causes and Effects:

IT disasters can happen due to human errors. It is difficult to explain the exact definition of Human Error. The user does everything which is best for the organization and help to protect their important data but sometimes it’s a fault of software which crashes or anti-virus which is not able to detect a malware and leads to loss of your business data. User error can be any human action that causes a computer or network issue resulting in downtime.

The IT disasters may badly effect your important documents and operation data of your business. It may lead to crash your entire business if you have no option to recover your operational data or any data backup plan. These disasters may also effect the performance of your business and as well as the productivity of your organization. IT companies in San Diego require IT services to start a backup system and data disaster recovery plans for their business safety. The backup system must be reliable and also managed by some reliable staff or team who can handle important data of your business and owners need to make sure that the team is regularly backing up data and also able to successfully recover these data in the case of failure.

Disaster Recovery:

Every business should require a stable data disaster recovery management. You never know when you became in the need of data recovery plan because of loss of data from theft, hardware failure, human error and other natural disasters. An organization can follow these steps to create their own data disaster recovery plan:

  • Understand your data: Many of business owners have strong understanding of their business data and how their complete business operates but at the same time they are not very much familiar with the data which is used to contribute to this functioning. It is very important to understand your operational data so that you know which data is most essential for your business.
  • Data Backup Plan: A data recovery plan depends on the kind of data you need to protect and how much data you have to protect from disaster. A small organization uses online backup option and other options such as backup data to an external media and tape. No matter which method you are going to use but you need to make sure that your backup is reliable, available 24x7 and offsite.
  • Responsibility: An organization of staff who will be responsible for backing up data regularly. The team will be responsible for your data backup and must understand your organization’s important data and data backup plan you are using for your business. Make sure the person is responsible and backing up your data regularly on time.
  • Test your Recovery: Now your organization has a backup plan for important data, make sure that you are able to recover these data after a failure. An organization must perform a test run to ensure that everything is fine and you are able to recover your data successfully. If you are not able to recover your data then your backup data and backup plans are totally useless.
  • Update in Backup and Recovery: It is very hard to review your backup regularly to ensure that you are backing up all your important and operational data for your business. If you add new module in your business then make sure that this module will be accounted for your backup and data disaster recovery plan.


If you are not a technical business owner or a tech savvy and don’t know how to develop your own data disaster recovery plan in San Diego then San Diego IT consultants will help you out in this. After a careful inspection of your business and data the support team will help you to manage a data disaster recovery plan for your business and provide to prevent the essential data loss and continuous monitoring of your important data. These disasters can happen unexpectedly so make sure that your business is running a backup regularly which is going to help you recover your data if a failure will occur in future. For effective backup and recovery, the business owners must understand the essential data for their business.