Citrix Aquires Sanbolic to Fill Storage Void

For users who are familiar with virtualization services and storage in the IT market, it should come as no surprise that Citrix decided to do something about their competitive disadvantage with VMWare's VSAN product. According to TechTarget, Sanbolic was a good fit due to the niche it created within the Citrix environment.

Citrix vs VMware

"Before the acquisition, the combination of features in Melio addressed some very important needs for Citrix customers who used Citrix Provisioning Services. Sanbolic had a much broader story that encompassed many storage needs, but the company managed to carve out a nice niche for itself within the Citrix ecosystem."

For most users, this won't mean much, especially if they haven't sought to virtualize their storage. For average users, the more critical questions to be asking is what are you doing with your storage? Is it secure, is it being backed up consistently and reliably? Storage is a very critical issue for all businesses. This announcement primarily affects shops with a bit larger footprint, but it does speak to the importance all managed it service providers place on data storage and recovery.

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