5 Reasons: You MUST Outsource IT Services

If your office has less than 300 employees you should be outsourcing your IT Services. There are many immediate benefits that will be gained by outsourcing. Why? What are these benefits?

  1. Reduce IT Costs

    Technology infrastructure and software licensing can be very expensive. By leveraging an outsourced IT Services provider you will gain access to high-end infrastructure and software management tools without having to invest heavily or have large capital expenditures to procure these items. Today most all service providers bring these tools with them to your business for a fraction of the cost if you were to buy them outright.

  2. Cut Labor Costs

    Save up to 75% per year by outsourcing vs full-time employee(s) on staff. We all know that your computers, servers, email, etc.. need to be running 24/7/365 and business never takes a vacation or a sick day. In addition the salary plus hiring and training costs are exponentially more expensive than the cost it would be to have a professional IT services company provide the same services and most likely even bring a lot more to the table than what your in-house team is capable of providing.

  3. Higher Level of Services

    Mike and Joe your in-house IT guys are great however they are very limited in what they can provide due to the fact they are only 2 people and only work on the same 1 network all day everyday. Outsourced IT service providers have access to enterprise level management tools and work with 100's of similar companies giving them an incredibly high level of visibility to current technology best practices, threats, and solutions.

  4. Reduce Risk

    Every business today carries a certain amount of risk. It can come from markets, compliance regulations, data breach, and your competition. Outsourcing to a San Diego Outsourced IT Services company will help to mitigate these risks. These companies will assume much of the risk that you currently are trying to deal with internally today. With use of the enterprise tools mentioned above such as 24x7 monitoring, data encryption, managed security, and compliance reporting your risk can be greatly reduced.

  5. Flexibility for Growth

    Growth is what most business owners are all about. While it is an exciting time for your company it can be challenging especially with regards to technology and expenses. When you decide to move to an outsourced IT solution you gain access to unlimited scalability and reduced capital expenditures. These service providers can quickly and efficiently setup new employees, implement new software/hardware, and provide support for your growing staff. Many times capital expenditures are no longer an issue because the items will now be provided from the outsourcing provider as an affordable monthly service. As the Gazette-Journal recently wrote about - You no longer have to worry about first hiring a new IT person before you can hire your new engineering team or sales staff. Outsourced IT companies are setup to accommodate management of 1000's of users making growth easy for your company.

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Outsource IT Services

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