Cloud IT in San Diego

How Cloud Technology Can Benefit Your Company
Cloud technology can be a beneficial tool for many businesses and organizations. By utilizing the cloud for business processes, it's possible to cut costs and ensure data security. The following guide explores how cloud technology can be beneficial for a company.

Nigerian Princes and Common Scams in Email

The Internet is a powerful communication tool. It can connect people around the world in unprecedented ways. While the Internet is powerful, it also carries a significant degree of risk for those who are new to it. In many cases, individuals can be exposed to scam artists and fraudsters from across the globe.

Computer and Network Security Tip 6 – Encrypt, Encrypt, Encrypt!

There are a ton of different ways to have your data stolen from you by hackers, and it’s almost impossible to completely safeguard your San Diego system against 100% of attacks, so what do you do then? It’s good to have systems in place that can help mitigate any damages that arise from stolen data, as it is happening with more and more frequency as the years go by and as the hackers become more numerous and better skilled.

Computer and Network Security Tip 3 – Restrict Remote Access to Essential People Only

Your computer configuration could leave you wide open for someone to gain access to your system. In many cases, there are portals that are open in your firewall that can allow someone to remote into your computer and take any information they like. This can often happen during point-of-sale transactions where your computer system hooks up to a third-party vendor for processing.